The comeback is on!

So the saying goes…. ‘fail to prepare; prepare to fail.’ One thing we’ve absolutely been doing lately is preparing. We’ve been preparing for our return to action for the first time since Gabby’s injury, preparing to finally get our 2018 campaign under way, and most...

Prepping for the Commonwealths

It hardly seems real that we won one of our most prestigious titles to date a little shy of four years ago when we won gold at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. In many ways, it feels just like yesterday. Chris and I often find ourselves reminiscing about that day...

Our 2020 Olympic Funding Boost

It’s funny how things can change quickly in sport. I’m not necessarily talking about things that happen on court, but more so the decisions that are made off it, and how these decisions and opinions of others can drastically affect your aspirations as an athlete. As a...


  1. Commonwealth Games 2018, Gold Coast, Australia

    4th April - 15th April
  2. European Championships 2018

    24th April - 29th April