We’re excited that coming up soon will be Season 4 of the Premier Badminton League (PBL) Season 4 in India. Only a couple of weeks or so ago we woke up pretty early and watched the online live streaming for the auction of the players, I must say it was great to watch & in my opinion a fantastic move for our sport. For those of you who don’t know about the PBL, it is where as a player you can put yourself into an auction to play for a franchise within the league. Gabby & I have been a part of the PBL for the last 3 seasons and are extremely happy to say that we got auctioned again this year to the same team – The Chennai Smashers! We were Champions of the PBL 2 years ago with the Chennai Smashers so it feels so special to remain with them.

What is so amazing about the PBL is, not only the whole experience, but the chance to mix with all players from all different countries and cultures. It’s usually around 3 weeks of touring around India to play the matches. Since we first played, the league has grow immeasurably, the TV coverage, the crowds and fans at the venue, everything. It’s crazy and also great fun!! I think this is mainly down to how great Badminton as a sport is doing in India as it has so many fantastic players. Sindhu became a national hero in India after the 2016 Rio Olympics after bringing home the Silver medal badminton. Since then badminton has gone from strength to strength.

As I said before both Gabby and I have been part of a winning team in the PBL with the Chennai Smashers in Season 2 , but Gabby will be going for her hat-track this year as she was the Captain of the Season 1 winning team – the Delhi Acers. We are both really looking forward to playing the PBL once more and hopefully helping the Chennai Smashers win their 2nd PBL title.

Away from the PBL we continue to be extremely busy competing on the HSBC World Tour. The tour recently moved over to Europe for a couple of the events, the Danish Open & the French Open before it heads back over to Asia to have to final 2 events of the regular calendar in China & Hong Kong. It’s always nice when the Europe leg of the tour comes around we must admit. Although we love competing in Asia , the travelling and the jet leg can be quite tiring work especially as most of the tour events are out there, so to be able to hop on an hour’s flight or a train to compete in pretty nice.

After what was an extremely tough start to the year with Gabby’s injury and then to turn it around and retain both our Commonwealth Games & European titles, the season has been a rollercoaster to say the least but we are hoping to keep pushing on and finish the season strong. Keep an eye out for our results and thank you so much for you constant support.

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(Photo Credit: Badminton Photo)